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London Sport

Centre for Workplace and Community Health,

St Mary's University,

Waldegrave Road,



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020 7868 5055

About London Sport

We have a simple aim: to help make London happier, healthier and stronger through sport. We do this by working in partnership with the numerous organisations involved in physical activity and sport in London.

Our mission, Vision and Values

Getting people to do more physical activity has countless benefits for London; from improving health and wellbeing, to saving money, contributing to economic growth, creating happier, stronger communities and so much more.

We've set five objectives to help us achieve our vision for London:

  • Make it easier for Londoners to find the right activity for them, remain in it, and achieve their potential
  • Get more resources by making best use of current investment and securing more
  • Support grassroots organisations by making structures simpler and more effective
  • Create a bigger, better workforce to support activity
  • Harness the power of elite sport to create sustained grassroots activity and inspire the next generation of talent

These are our objectives, but we need to work with physical activity and sport across London to make them happen. The network is a complex structure of anyone and everyone that influences Londoners to be active, including schools, Governing Bodies of Sport, leisure centres, coaches, clubs and many more organisations. London Sport is the body that pulls the network together.

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