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Yorkshire Sharks Dragon Boat Club

Yorkshire Sharks Dragon Boat Club
Yorkshire Sharks
Dockfield Road
BD17 7AY

Contact Information
Sophie Grincourt
07801 208769

About Yorkshire Sharks Dragon Boat Club

Our club provides Dragon Boat training sessions and is open to everyone. We are both a social and racing club.

A dragon boat is a long boat consisting of around 10 benches. The 20 paddlers sit in pairs, all facing forward and paddling on one side of the boat.

One end of the boat is decorated with a dragon's head and a drum, the other with a dragon's tail and the steering arm.

The drummer keeps the crew in time with each other when paddling and the helm at the other end of the boat is in charge of steering the boat and keeping the paddlers motivated.

Dragon boating is a sport which was created in China more than 2500 years ago. It was originally a complex culture full of traditions evolving around ceremonies and rituals. The racing aspect is just a small part of that culture.

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